Learning HTML: Introduction to Web Designing

How long have you been wondering to make a website of your own? But you really have no idea how and where to start? There are the basic question that arise in the minds of many and keep them from even starting.

Starting from the very basic we will teach you on becoming a pro-developer one day, all you need to do is, Stay Tuned!

We are going to start at very beginning by learning Hyper Text Markup Language, commonly know as HTML. Starting with the basics, we will go into the technical details of HTML in different lectures so that you may be able to grasp things gradually.
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Convert your SWF flash files to html5

You have your website animation in SWF and want to convert it in HTML5 ? Google launched Flash to HTML5 builder Do you want to try out this feature ? Click here

my thoughts on Swiffy :

It is still in beta and there are some problems exists like shadows doesn’t worked, complex animations doesn’t go smoothly. straight forward animations on timeframes work. So, it is same like some other converters but I hope it is under development of Google they will do something more robust builder soon.

cheers :)

How to redirect to another page in jQTouch ?

If you are developing web app for iPhone or other smartphones you will face an issue that I faced today.
Sometimes, you need to redirect to another page in jQTouch after performing some javascript actions/events. It is pretty simple really, here is a little overview
jQT.goTo(Page, Animation);

Page can be an id reference and Animation can be one of the following: ‘slide’,’flip’ or ‘slideup’ etc

Example jQT.goTo(‘#some_id’, ‘slideup’);

jQT is a jQTouch Object you create to initialize jQTouch UI library in your application.

Howdy, the world of blogging!

I am Muhammad Adnan – a freelance software developer from Pakistan. I do not sell code – rather I sell my brain! Instead of going deep, you can check my work profile.

Coding and wordpress are the most loveable things to me.

Here I am  going to blog regularly on IT related stuff specially web related technologies such as WordPress, PHP language, HTML5, Mobile Apps, CSS, jQuery,  frameworks like cakePHP and CodeIgniter.

I will be doing tutorials about wordpress and some other fields as well. If you guys want to hear anything from me, some tutorial, I will appreciate and try to make next one or short screen cast for you. My motive to start writing is spreading knowledge and learning new things by myself. I get lots of ideas in my routine work and blogging is the best thing to make them in real form ;)

Sad but true, programmers always have hard to get free time for blogging and for his family, I will try to be regular with my blog but family is of course comes first ;)

Looking forward….